End of Month Recap From An Absentee Blogger




So some things.

1. I got a tattoo. Yes, it was deeply personal. Nope, not gonna go into all the deets. This was my attempt at a tattoo-showing-selfie and my inner monologue was all, “Man, if only my arm looked that skinny all day long.”

So thanks, for once, gravity.

2. I also got two moles removed, so one step forward two steps back on that streaking toward middle age race (I’ve got five years left and I’m gonna cling). One of the moles was moderate dysplasia, and there is something pretty jolting about skin cancer. Jolting enough that I now have zero problem being the most reflective woman FOREVERMORE at the pool. Cause if something is taking me out, it should be big. Like a bolt of lightning or a plane falling from the sky.

I’m also now an avid mole-watcher, which I’m sure will add a whole new delightful level to all my personal relationships.

“Hey, Fayez, remember this mark on my arm? Does it look the same as it did yesterday?”

*Facepalms himself via Facetime*

3. Jane is perhaps gearing up for a career in the theater.  Or running a penitentiary.

This past weekend we stayed with my parents and commenced with some serious play acting thanks to my sister’s old Barbies. As an aside, it bears mentioning that all those late 80’s and early 90’s Barbie clothes are totally hipster-tastic now.

Anyway, Jane got creative on the cast names.

Uglesh, Gwink, Whitey, Grey Face, and Lips.

I’m assuming she was going for a West Side Story/ girl gang vibe. I don’t know. I wasn’t allowed to ask questions.  I also wasn’t allowed to talk too loudly, touch Grey Face, or suggest that Lips might look better in something other than the purple dress with the slit up to her eyebrows.

Uglesh (Jane): I’m a fancy girl and I just don’t care.

Gwink (Me): Come at me bro.

Jane: Mom, you’re doing this wrong.

Me: Why?

Jane: *death stare, makes Whitey hiss at me*

See? Told you I wasn’t allowed to ask.



  1. melissa says:

    Never comment here, but have read you for ages. Way to go with the tattoo. I got my first (and only so far) about 3 years ago. One more thing ticked off my bucket list. And yours is beautiful. Feels good, doesn’t it? 🙂


  2. Firstly, your tattoo is gorgeous! I’ve been contemplating one for years and I think towards the end of 2015 I will finally take the plunge.

    Secondly, I’ve had basal cell cut out twice and both my brothers have also had skin cancer. Whiteys at the pool 4Evah!



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