The One Where I Send Out All The Apologies in the World…

So when I imported old blog posts into my new site I did not intend for everyone who followed me to get a bajillion email notifications. Yikes. Go ahead. Throw your rotten tomatoes, I totally deserve it. Apparently it was my mission to try and break the internets.

The good news (besides all the creative curse words you probably came up with whilst deleting said emails) is that I’ll either figure out a way to import old blog posts sans email notifications, or I’ll limit it to one a day at most.

Again, big apologies lovely ladies.



  1. cheryl R says:

    Ha ha…yes, I wondered why I had 100 new emails, but no big deal – I just put them in one of my other e-folders to be viewed at my leisure. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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