Fayez and I spent Thanksgiving with his family in Atlanta. We took a road trip. We did not kill each other. We ate so much good food. We napped. Okay, I napped while he drove. And now, as I’m thinking over the wonderful memories, drinking a big glass of milk because my esophagus revolted from said wonderful food, I’m thankful. This was my first holiday away from Jane. It was not easy. I suspect it will never be easy. But being in a warm, welcoming home with sweet people was really wonderful. They have cornered the market on hospitality. I’m thankful they included me.

Also? The women in his family can COOK. I mean, really cook. I wish I’d taken notes.

So now, onward toward Christmas. My first job today is fixing the strand of lights on the Christmas tree that went out shortly after we put all the ornaments up. And then I’m gonna watch Elf. And then I’m going to complain some more to Fayez about my acid reflux while he does this really calming thing where he sympathetically scratches my head. He’s good like that.

Happy almost-December ya’ll.



  1. Marsha Kern says:

    I take Nexium for my horrible acid reflux, you can buy it over the counter now at Target. I hate for anyone to suffer from heartburn~


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