Halloween. With Wed Lipstick.


This morning my heart is full and happy. And a little sad. But mostly full and happy.

Fayez came to spend Halloween with us. Yay.

Jane trick or treated with a band of older boys and kept up with them like a little champ. She also tried to boss them. Not that they noticed, but she gave it her best effort like all bossy girls must. Then she hit her wall and made Fayez carry her from house to house, but never up to the actual house because as she said, “I can do it all by myself.” Apparently the theme of this Halloween was “Independence. Sort of.”

Obviously Jane was Dorothy, but the highlight (for her) was wearing “wed lipstick.” Since Friday I’ve had to explain five thousand times that “wed lipstick” is only for Halloween and not every day. She thinks this is a bad rule. I completely understand that. But I also understand that watching her face plant on the couch whilst wearing “wed lipstick” is only going to shorten my life span.

I was a cat. Can I get a big hooray for costumes that only consists of face makeup and allow you to wear regular clothes?

Fayez shaved his beard and let me put zombie makeup all over his face. Then afterward he participated in the aforementioned “carry the 30 pound toddler block after block” marathon. He also let me drag him to work and introduce him to people. He basically lets me run amok and and allows himself to be a pack mule for an overly sugared, tired three year old when she decides she’s done walking. Clearly, he’s a keeper.

So now it’s the Monday after Halloween. I may have caved and let Jane eat a packet of Skittles for breakfast. All the spiders and skeletons and pumpkins are still scattered around the apartment.  I’m wishing for a house elf to come in and take down decorations after every holiday from now on. It’s just the least fun thing ever. Fayez is back home in New York. Hence my full and happy, but a little sad, heart. I’m really thankful for this past weekend.

I’m thankful. Thankful. Thankful. I don’t even need the month of November to remind me of it.



  1. Shana Rainey says:

    I never comment on blogs, but I have to say…BRAVO TO YOU. Or, put another way, get it girl! I have read your blog for years and enjoy your perspective and voice. I have read and cried and laughed with your stories. I am so happy that you have found happiness and joy again. You (and Jane) deserve it!


  2. Melissa says:

    I love to follow your blog because you are real and honest. I think you and Jane are just gorgeous and I am loving following your journey as you find yourself and re-establish your life. I would love for you to write how you met your new boyfriend.


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