Fruit Tarts and Bubble Chasing and the Mixed Bag






So this weekend was a mixed bag.

There was a kerfuffle over whether I could see Mabel, then a kerfuffle over having to give her back almost as quickly as I got her.

That was awful.

On the plus side, this weekend was beautiful, and so is my little girl. She wore a new blue dress for church and insisted that each passing person admire it. I realize this makes her pretty rotten, but in the words of Goldie Hawn in Overboard, “They may be rotten but they’re MINE.”

She was delighted with her tights and insisted on wearing them (shirtless) all afternoon when we got home.

She chased bubbles.

She kept kissing my “little nose” which is apparently the side of my nostril.

The top of my nose is the “big nose.”

Just in case you wondered.

I made balsamic pot roast and fruit tarts.

Mom came to visit.

The windows were open.

And even though some days feel like a never ending struggle, life is better every day. So much better.



  1. DebP says:

    I love Jane’s new blue dress, and when you’re her age, showing off that new blue dress is just adorable. I hope Matt isn’t being a Butthead, because that is not attractive. Happy that you’re doing well and the tart looks so yummy.


  2. Vera Pollard says:

    Balsamic pot roast in a crock pot or oven? I did balsamic pulled pork in a crock pot recently and it went over better than BBQ pulled pork I usually make. House smelled like garlic for two days but I see it as a good thing.


  3. Jeanie says:

    It sounds delightful, and I love Jane’s dress. Sorry to hear about the Mabel part, though. You sound like you’re doing great. Just keep on keepin’ on.


  4. Cheryl says:

    Jane is a mini-you in that picture! She so has your smile. I really like to read all that you write…the good…the bad and the ugly. Ending a marriage is like a mini death and I am so sorry it happened to you. What doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger…right? 🙂 Hopefully, as time goes on…the bumps smooth out and you and your ex can can come to an agreement on things….stranger things have happened. Hang in there and enjoy your life and your sweet daughter. 🙂


  5. Dana says:

    Jane looks so pretty – and SO grown up – in that blue dress. Please tell her I said that (another person admiring her dress!). I have wondered about Mabel. Glad you are able to see her, even if only for a little while. You both must miss her, and she you.


  6. Emily G says:

    Love the pic of Jane in the blue dress-she looks just like you in this one! I’m so sorry about the issue with Mabel, that has got to be so tough for you and Jane. So happy to hear JOY and PEACE in your words again, though! As someone who has walked through divorce(with a young daughter also), please know that time does help. Hang in there Liz!


  7. Heather says:

    LOVE the dress!! 🙂 Jane is adorable and yes, she should be so proud of her new dress! Your daughter, a good meal, Moms and fresh air…doesn’t get better than that!


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