It’s a New World… One Where I Chewed My Fingernails Down to Nothing.

Whoa. Nelly.

I have a new website. It’s a new world. All nice and bright and shiny. Like this crystal.

But I’ve also chewed my fingernails down to nothing. Techy stuff is not my forte. I have uploaded and re-uploaded until the cows came home. I formatted and googled instructions and forgot to save and pounded my keyboard with all the vengeance of a toddler who dropped her ice cream cone on the hot concrete.

And I have first hand experience with that last example, so I know from whence I speak.

But here she is, my new site, all plain and new and a fresh start that I’ve desperately needed.


Thank you for following me here.



  1. brendakula says:

    I wrote you this long email, and then had to lose it to enter my password. Oh well. I wrote about you about a month ago. Actually about divorce and lifestyle/home/garden bloggers. You and another blogger. And of course there is me. I have been following your journey for a short time. But I want you to know I have cried when you were sad, and clapped when you felt triumphant. I’m glad you opened comments, because there are so many of us out here. And we need to support one another. I hope the best for you and Jane. I’ll watch as you get your wings and fly. As I did three years ago.My readers truly were the wind beneath my wings. And maybe they will be yours as well.
    Brenda@Cozy Little House


    • lizharrell3 says:

      Hi Brenda. I read your blog post and meant to email a response… time got away from me. But thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your encouragement and kind words!That’s the best part of blogging, knowing overwhelmingly that we’re not alone in our lives. I look forward to keeping up with you!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Yayyy!!! I’m so glad you;re continuing to find your space!!! You are an overcomer. Love your writing and thank you for sharing your story.


  3. sarahsbluecastle says:

    I love your new space! I have read your blog for years and have enjoyed following along on your ups and downs. I sent you a FB message last month out of desperation (couldn’t comment on your blog) and just wanted you to know that I am cheering you on! I know you are going to be awesome in this new season of life. You go girl!


  4. I have followed your blog for quite a few years – the first post of yours that I read was the “Coke Tsunami” and your descriptive writing pulled me in to be a part of your life. I don’t think I have ever commented throughout those years, but wanted you to know that I have stuck with you through the happy occasions, the surprising moments, the challenging days and the toughest times. I am happy to see you are starting over with a positive attitude and I look forward to “peeking” into this new chapter of your life!


  5. Kathy L. says:

    Thank you for inviting us to your new site! Looking forward to hearing about all your fun and exciting times with Jane and your new life.


  6. Vera Pollard says:

    Yay for new beginnings! I really enjoyed reading your old blog and I look forward to this one. Any decorating/project posts coming up? Those were my favorite.


  7. brandi says:

    i’ve read your blog for years but never comment. just wanted you to know i’m out here (in canada) cheering you & jane on as you start your new adventures. you are an amazing writer and i can’t wait to read your posts.


  8. Heather says:

    So happy to be here in your new digs! You rock you know…you do…you just do! I am so proud of you and although times have been difficult you have handled yourself with unbelievable grace. Looking forward to hearing more about your new journey in life with your beautiful little Jane. Enjoy every single minute of it!! All the best, Heather


  9. Cheryl says:

    I have been reading your blog for years now. I am excited for your new adventure. Best of wishes to you and Jane! I look forward to your fall posts!! You are so creative!


  10. Emily G says:

    I have followed you for YEARS(and even corresponded with you once about my daughter). So happy for your new beginning-I did that myself a year ago-got married and moved myself and my daughter from Louisiana to Georgia. I have a new job(with an amazing company), she has a new school, and we’ve NEVER been happier!


  11. jeannine says:

    I admire your honesty and sincerity 🙂 The best of luck to you and your sweet little Jane as you pull your new life together. I, like one of the above posters would be interested in hearing a tad about Ms. Mabel and her new adventures.


  12. stgilbert says:

    Congratulations on your new home! I’m glad we can comment again – I’ve wanted to let you know that I’ve been cheering you along from the sidelines for a long time. If I were closer, I’d Show Up.

    Your courage, honesty, integrity, and grace deserve a standing ovation.


  13. Alison Caron says:

    Most of what I wanted to say has already been said so well by the other women here, Liz, but, I just want you to know that there’s another person ( in the UK ) cheering you on, wishing nothing but the best for you and Jane. It’s a roller coaster ride, for sure, but you’ll do it.

    You’re a gifted writer. Keep doing what you do best! As you well-know, it helps with the healing.


  14. Heidi Eubanks says:

    Yeah! So happy to see your new site and new beginnings! I have love following your journey since I found your blog and I am so happy to see comments – even though I am a stranger I just wanted to give you a virtual hug and say something hopefully uplifting about how wonderful you are, as a mother, a writer ( bought and loved your book and the virtual book @2) and how courageous you have been to start a life perfect for you and Jane while handling the negativity of doing the right thing for you with class and positive comments even when you may have felt the opposite. I hope for healing, contentment and lots of happy times for you and Jane ahead.


  15. Marilyn says:

    Oh How exciting! Thank you so much for inviting us over. Am also thankful to be able to let you know (couldn’t send an email) that there are many of us cheering you on and wishing you only the best! I have appreciated your honesty and courage and *grace under fire*, and also your willingness to share in areas that might help others.
    You are a gifted writer. I hope you know that. Thanks for sharing!


  16. Kim says:

    Hells yeah, I’ll follow you. To the ends of the earth and back. You’re spunky, fun, have great style, and your writing rocks. Glad you are writing more. I’ve missed it!


  17. everything i type sounds selfish + shallow, but i’m going to write something anyway and pray you can hear my heart.
    i’m really and truly thankful you’re writing.
    i’m thankful you have a fresh start on your site.
    and i can’t think of NWA or eureka springs without thinking of you!
    we moved to nyc this summer and my heart absolutely aches for eureka springs.
    thinking of you tonight, liz. and praying.


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